Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo was born and raised in Eastern Nigeria, but now lives in Lagos. She is the first child of Joshua and Christiana Adimora and has five siblings. Raised partially in a rural environment and partially in the city, she combines these two factors, as background and setting for her children's stories and adult fiction. Though born in Eastern Nigeria, she has lived in different parts of the country - East, North and West. She has travelled extensively in Africa, Europe and in the USA.



Finished Publications

Apart from publishing over SIXTY academic papers in local and international journals and as chapters in books and having her short stories appear in five Anthologies, Adimora-Ezeigbo has published forty eight (48) books.

She has published 23 books for children (more are in the press), has been a children's Sunday School teacher and regularly gives talks to children in schools and to women's clubs on topics such as culture and youth development in Nigeria, child upbringing and the education of the girl-child, etc.

Two of her stories for children have been translated into Swahili and Xhosa languages. Her books are listed below:

  1. Heart Songs (Poems). Ibadan: Kraft Books Ltd., 2009.
  2. Clouds and Other Poems for Children. Ibadan: University Press Ltd., 2009.
  3. Ako the Storyteller. (Children's novel). Ikeja, Lagos: Lantern Books, 2009.
  4. Zoba and his Gang. (Children's novel). Ikeja, Lagos: Lantern Books, 2009.
  5. Things Fall Apart @ 50, Special Edition, LARES, A Journal of Language and Literary Studies, Vol. 16. No 3 (2008). Edited with Dr. Adetokunbo Pearse.
  6. Waiting for Dawn (Poems) (Ibadan: Kraft Books Ltd.) 2010.
  7. The Slave Girl. (Children's novel) Lagos: Eph Communications Ltd, 2010.
  8. The Dwarf's Story. (Children's novel) Lagos: Eph Communications Ltd, 2010.
  9. The Return of the Thief. (Children's novel) Lagos: Eph Communications Ltd, 2010.
  10. The Boy and his Dog. (Children's novel) Lagos: Eph Communications Ltd, 2010.
  11. Hands that Crush Stone. (Play) Ibadan: University Press Plc, 2010.
  12. Barmaid and the Witches of Izunga. (Play) Ibadan: University Press Plc, 2010.
  13. Roses and Bullets. (Novel) Lagos: Jalaa Writers' Collective, 2011.
  14. Toki Learns the Hard Way. Lagos: Melrose Books and Publishing Ltd, 2011.
  15. Mina the Shy Girl. Lagos: Melrose Books and Publishing Ltd., 2011.

  1. The Last of the Strong Ones (novel), Lagos: Vista Books, 1996.
  2. House of Symbols (novel), Lagos: Oracle Books Limited, 2001.
  3. Children of the Eagle (novel), Lagos: Vista Books, 2002.
  4. Rhythms of Life (short stories), London: Karnak House, 1992.
  5. Echoes in the Mind (short stories), Foundation Publishers, 1994/ Vista Books, 1996.
  6. Rituals & Departures (short stories), London: Karnak House, 1996.
  7. Fratures & Fragments (Short stories) Lagos, African Cultural Institute, 2006.
  8. *The Buried Treasure (Junior African Writers Series), Oxford: Heinemann, 1992.
  9. *The Prize (Junior African Writers Series), Oxford: Heinemann, 1994.
  10. *Hazina Iliyojikwa - Swahili translation of The Buried Treasure - (Junior African Writers Series), Oxford: Heinemann, 1996.
  11. *Alani the Troublemaker & Other Stories, Literamed Publications, 2003.
  12. *Asa and the Little Stream, Literamed Publications, 2004.
  13. *Whisker the Brave Cat, Literamed Publication, 2005.
  14. *Red One and the Wizard of Mula, Literamed Publication, 2005.
  15. *Snake Child and Star Baby, Literamed Publication, 2006.
  16. *Ezezemale and the Tree Spirits, Literamed Publications, 2006.
  17. *Sunshine, the Miracle Child, Literamed Publications, 2006.
  18. My Cousin Sammy, Ikorodu: The Book Company, 2007.
  19. Fire from the Holy Mountain, Ibadan: University Press, 2007.
  20. Trafficked. Ikeja: Lantern Books, Literamed Publication, 2008.
  21. Heart Songs (Poems), Ibadan: Kraftbooks, 2009.
[* These are books for children.]

  1. Fact & Fiction in the Literature of the Nigerian Civil War, Lagos: Unity Publishing & Research Company, 1992.
  2. Gender Issues in Nigeria - A Feminine Perspective, Lagos: Vista Books, 1996.
  3. A Companion to the Novel, Lagos: Vista Books, 1998.
  4. The Literatures of War (edited with Liz Gunner), SOAS, University of London.
  5. Wings of Dawn: An Anthology of New Writing by Nigerian Women (edited with Ronnie Uzoigwe), British Council, Lagos, 2006.
  6. Literature, Language and National Consciousness (edited with K. King-Aribisala), Lagos: University of Lagos Press, 2006.
  7. Snail-Sense Feminism: Building on an Indigenous Model. Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, 2012.

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